Saskatoon and Region

2017 marks Forever…in motion’s 15 year anniversary!

By Emma Cawood, Recreation Therapist

We will be celebrating our 15 years – past, present, and future, in October 2017. Now for a trip down memory lane: motion was developed in 2002, as a product of the in motion program developed by Linda Martin and Saskatoon Health Region, in partnership with ParticipACTION, University of Saskatchewan, and City of Saskatoon. in motion was already a successful health promotion initiative since 2000 and they wanted a program that was specifically for older adults (50+). With the help of Brenda Temple’s research, they found that the top two barriers preventing older adults from keeping active were transportation and cost. As a solution, they came up with a fitness program that was 1) centralized (in seniors complexes, churches, etc.) and 2) free (groups are led by volunteers). motion, tested the break-down of these two barriers with eight pilot sites. Three months later, an evaluation was done and the results showed numerous benefits. From there, the program took off and by 2006 there were 34 motion sites!

Here’s a glance at the ten years that followed:

  • 2008: Staying On Your Feet was developed
  • 2009: 52 sites; the motion Leader Training was developed
  • 2010: reached 58 sites
  • 2011: growing number of Saskatoon motion sites as well as a focus to increase the number of sites in rural Saskatoon Health Region. Total sites (rural and urban) reached 72
  • 2013: 87 sites
  • 2014: 98 sites
  • 2015: 110 sites;
  • 2017: Today we have 113 sites! 

As the motion program continues to grow, so does the number of active older adults, and for this we couldn’t be happier. While the program will grow, change, and evolve, there will always be one constant – our goal – to keep older adults active, healthy and living independently for as long as possible. For more information about the Forever…in motion program and to find a site near you contact us at 306-655-2286 or 306-655-2285.