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Aging Gracefully ~ Falls Prevention Month

By Kim Nicholls, Recreation Therapist

Did you know that November is Fall Prevention Month? Yep, we have a whole month that is dedicated to activities and information sharing about preventing falls. Fall Prevention Month encourages organizations and the public to participate by planning events and sharing evidence-based information on fall prevention. The Saskatchewan Health Authority is a partner for Fall Prevention Month and we are going to be expanding our participation this year as we are “Working together to Prevent Falls”.

Did you know that in Canada 215 older adults are hospitalized every day because of a fall! That’s 1 person every 7 minutes. That number is staggering – and they also found that falls to older adults account for $2 billion in direct health care costs every single year!

So what can we do to prevent falls? We know that by being physically active we can reduce our risk of falling by 40%. We also know that by educating ourselves about falls and fall prevention we can reduce our risk of falling by a further 40%. So by regularly attending and/or leading a Forever…in motion class and organizing a Staying On Your Feet session for your site/building (if we haven’t been there in the last couple of years) you can reduce your risk of falling by 80%!

If you are interested in learning more about Fall Prevention Month and the activities that are planned visit

Staying On Your Feet Programming for Fall/Winter 2018

  • * Mount Royal Mennonite Church Sept 11 - Nov 27 (1XWeek)
  • Arbor Green Sept 12 - Nov 28 (1XWeek)
  • Hyde Park Sept 13 - Nov 29 (1X Week)
  • * La Villa Bonheur Sept 13 - Nov 29 (1X Week)
    * Open Site

For more information on the Staying On Your Feet Program, please contact Kim Nicholls at 306-655-2287 or 306-844-4080 after mid October.