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Bike to Work YXE: May 15

 Bike to Work YXE: May 15

For the past number of years, community groups such as Bridge City Bicycle Co-op and Saskatoon Cycles have initiated Bike To Work Day here in Saskatoon. There is a growing contingent of people who regularly choose cycling for transportation, and this day celebrates that, as well as encourages others to give it a try to arrive at work feeling refreshed, energized and alert by getting to work on two wheels.

The goal is to inspire and attract new people to use cycling for commuting purposes while celebrating the efforts of those who already use their bikes to get to and from work and other commitments.

So on May 15th, Commuter Stations will be set up by businesses, organizations and community groups 7am-9am for people to drop by for grab-and-go refreshments, information and some fun on their way to work. No two stations are the same!

To map your ride and find out what Commuter Stations are on your route to work, as well as learn about contests, challenges, and other fun events, click here to find out more.

And remember, you DO NOT have to be some who regularly bikes to work (or ever). You can still participate! If your bike needs some attention, you can always get a tune up at a local bike shop or head down to the Bridge City Bicycle Co-op, where, with the help of their friendly volunteers and vast collection of bikes, tools and parts, you can tune yours up OR purchase a used bike, fix it up and ride it home!

Tips for those that live far distances from their workplace but would be interested in trying to bike to work:

  • Map your route ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to try different routes to see which one works best for you
  • Consider speaking with other people who cycle for transporation purposes to help you find the safest and most convenient way to your workplace
  • Take a trial run before Bike to Work YXE to get familiar with the route and see how long it actually takes to commute by bicycle
  • If you do not regularly cycle, a longer commute may seem intimidating at first, especially if you usually drive on major throughways – but try it out on more bike-friendly streets, give yourself lots of time, and you might be surprised how much you enjoy the ride!

Photo credit: T Squared Social