Saskatoon and Region

Health Equity Impact Assessment: Growing Healthier

The City of Saskatoon's Growth Plan includes items that impact people's decisions and ability to be physically active in their communities.  Not everyone in our community has the same opportunities and some, such as older adults, people living with a disability or residents with limited financial means, experience different barriers when it comes to being physically active. Health equity exists when people can reach their full health potential, without being disadvantaged by where they live, how much money they make, or other personal circumstances, including gender, age, ability or cultural identity.

By applying this lens to the Growth Plan through a Health Equity Impact Assessment, this highlights the relationship between community health and well-being with the municipal sector’s responsibilities – including land use planning, public transit, and active transportation – with a special emphasis on how the community health and well-being of particular populations can be most improved by interventions in such areas.

The report presents an opportunity to educate the public on how growth can improve their health and well-being, and provide clear recommendations to policy makers on how to capture these benefits while implementing the Growth Plan.

Find the full report here