Saskatoon and Region

How to become an in motion community?

If your community is interested in becoming an in motion Community, we encourage you to contact us today!

One of the key ingredients to getting your community to be “in motion” is to have in motion Champions. As a community Champion you and others will:

  • Promote the in motion strategies by sharing information with others throughout your community including at the schools and workplaces.
  • Raise the issue of physical inactivity and the barriers your community faces.
  • Build support by engaging leaders (mayor/reeve, teachers, rural municipality representatives, recreation and health professionals etc.) to help identify the best approach to support physical activity in your community.
  • Seek out interested citizens to form an in motion team.
  • Define what your community could do to help make physical activity an easier choice for everyone.
  • Be role models of active living in your community

All it takes is one keen individual who can spark enthusiasm…without this energy and enthusiasm it can be difficult to establish commitment

- WalkBC