Saskatoon and Region

What does it mean to be in motion?

Our bodies were made to be "in motion". But we’ve engineered physical activity out of our lives. In motion makes being physical active where you live, work, learn and play the easy choice for all ages. Together we can make Saskatoon and region the healthiest community in Canada through physical activity!

Being "in motion" means moving instead of sitting, leading through example, and championing change. By being "in motion", you’re enabling your mind and body to be the best they can be. You’ll experience fewer diseases and illnesses, and gain healthy behaviors and habits that will impact yourself and your whole family. Being "in motion"also takes strain off our environment, and of course can be easy and fun too!

In motion is a health promotion strategy that encourages citizens of the Saskatoon Health Region to make regular physical activity a part of their daily lives. In motion’s overarching ambition is to ingrain both understanding and behavioural changes into the culture and fabric of our community. Physical activity – Do it for Life!

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