Saskatoon and Region

Comprehensive School Community Health

What is Comprehensive School Community Health? 

Comprehensive School Community Health (CSCH), also known as Health Promoting Schools, is an internationally recognized evidence based approach to support improvements in students’ learning outcomes while addressing school and community health. The CSCH approach strengthens what is already happening within schools and supports the Education Sector Plan through actions that integrate four components: 

1. Teaching and Learning
2. Social and Physical Environments
3. Partnerships and Services
4. Healthy School Policy

What is the goal of CSCH?

The goal of CSCH is to create conditions that support healthy school environments which in turn enhance learning outcomes of students. This purpose aligns with the strategic intents of the Education Sector Plan because healthy students are more ready to learn. The CSCH approach supports multiple school improvement initiatives and provides a strong foundation to motivate the whole school to support and inspire students:

Where can I learn more? 


The in motion/Nutrition Positive School Action Committee is a partnership of the five school divisions within the Saskatoon Health Region boundaries, the University of Saskatchewan, local non-governmental organizations and interested community members. The Committee’s focus on the CSCH approach provides a holistic lens that focuses on outcomes that will help improve literacy, student engagement, graduation rates, and prepare all students to live healthy and active lifestyles far in to the future. 

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The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Innovation Strategy for Achieving Healthier Weights funds the Health Promoting Schools program in the Saskatoon Health Region. Like CSCH, Health Promoting Schools is a ‘whole’ school approach where students, teachers, parents, school staff, community groups, agencies, and institutions work together to identify their school’s needs and work to address them. Health Promoting Schools has the same goals as CSCH and is currently being implemented in 20 complex needs schools in the Saskatoon Health Region and 8 complex needs school in the Island Health Region (Vancouver Island, BC). 

The in motion/Nutrition Positive School Action Committee, in partnership with the Health Promoting Schools Program, developed the Ready to Learn handout as a handy resource for educators as well as health professionals to help start a conversation about the link between education and health. This resource contains well documented evidence which clearly demonstrates the link between academic and health outcomes. Download this handout to share with others who play a role in the education and health of our children.


The Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Education promotes Comprehensive School Community Health, and has two full-time consultants on staff. The government  has produced two supporting policy documents, Nourishing Minds and Inspiring Movement which provide guidance on how to implement CSCH in all Saskatchewan schools.  

Watch Shining a Spotlight on Success: Good Spirit SD Melville Comprehensive School to learn about a Saskatchewan based CSCH initiative. This video was developed by the Government of Saskatchewan and is designed to highlight a Student First promising practice.


Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health is a partnership of 25 Ministries of Health and Education across Canada working to promote CSCH for student wellness, well-being and achievement, success. 

Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities: How You Can Make a Difference is an illustrated video developed by Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (Ophea) Physical Activity Resource Centre that is designed to support individuals and communities in working towards healthy schools.