Saskatoon and Region

Canadian Communities In Motion

The question is no longer whether physical activity is important, but how do you mobilize large percentages of populations to become active enough to receive health benefits.

In motion’s unique model has been extremely successful, which has led to a formal expansion of the strategy. The Saskatoon Health Region has reached out to many communities across Canada to help them get in motion and improve their health through physical activity.

In motion and its communities have successfully implemented a social strategy – a “blueprint for action” – to promote physical activity and healthy eating, and influence behavioural change at multiple levels, in various settings and amongst different populations. The collective of licensed in motion communities has been coined Canadian Communities in motion.

en mouvement

In motion has also partnered with the Réseau Santé en français de la Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Network for Health Services in French). Réseau Santé was established to network organizations and institutions to improve access to quality health services for the French speaking population of Saskatchewan and develop strategies to reach Francophones in both urban and rural settings.

En mouvement was launched in 2006 in Saskatoon and in three rural Francophone communities in the Saskatoon Health Region to bring physical activity promotion to the Francophone population. En mouvement continues to spread across Saskatchewan.