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According to recent research, only 7% of Canadian children and youth aged 5-17 are physically active enough to obtain health benefits. The same research showed children and youth are spending 8.6 hours a day (or 64% of their waking hours) being sedentary.

There are many benefits to leading a physically active lifestyle. You’ll enjoy having more energy  throughout the day, sleep better at night, deal with stress better and also benefit from a bolstered immune system.

As parents or caregivers, it’s important to model positive physical activity behaviour. If you’re not active, research has shown that your children likely won’t be either when they become adults. This puts them at risk for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, osteoporosis and many more. If you do lead an active life, however, the same research also indicates your children are likely to be active adults. Being active, then, isn’t just a lifestyle choice for your own health, but also for your children. Add to that the relationship building and family bonding benefits of being physically active together as a family.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Children and Physical Activity Facts for Children

Looking for ways that you, your family or your friends can become more physically active? Contact us today! We can help you find the resources, activities and events you need to be more physically active. You can also check out our “Where to be in motion” and Tools section for more ideas.

Early Years

It’s just as important for children under five to sit less and move more as it is for adults and youth. The early years (ages 0-5 years) are a critical period for the development of healthy living behaviours such as physical activity and fundamental movement skills.

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