Saskatoon and Region


An in motion community values physical activity and can positively support residents in being physically active. An in motion community makes physical activity the easy choice by having partners from all sectors of the community – individuals, organizations, schools, neighborhoods and local government – work together to create supportive environments. Each sector plays a unique role in working to increase physical activity opportunities that are interesting, fun and relevant for everyone.

In motion communities value physical activity and support residents in being physically active.

An in motion Community can:

  • Improve access to physical activity opportunities.
  • Develop policies and procedures in schools and workplaces that promote physical activity.
  • Support a strong recreation system that delivers quality, fun, safe and affordable recreation for all members.
  • Enable communities to be more active by helping to reduce barriers and encourage physical activity.
  • Consider human-constructed environments (communities, neighborhoods, roads, paths, buildings, schools etc) and how they support or encourage physical activity and physically active means of transportation (e.g. biking, walking, running, rolling etc.).