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Forever…in motion is a health promotion initiative that helps older adults become physically active through volunteer-led physical activity groups.

Promoting physical activity to the older adult community is a key strategy of in motion. As our older adult population increases so does the impact on our healthcare system. One of the greatest health risks for older adults is sedentary living (World Health Organization, 1997).

The in motion Older Adult strategy is to improve and maintain the health of older adults living in the community through support, education, research, partnerships and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The strategy focuses primarily on individuals living in seniors’ congregate housing and condominiums or those that attend churches, day programs and community association programs.

Mission: To improve and/or maintain the health of older adults living in the community through education and physical activity.

The primary goals of the in motion Older Adult strategy are to:

  • facilitate and coordinate the support required for older adults, with a focus on physical activity and healthy eating.
  • improve and maintain the health of older adults living in the community.
  • increase access to community based physical activity opportunities for older adults.
  • ensure sustainability of the older adult Forever…in motion programs. motion Newsletters

How to become a Forever…in motion site

To become a Forever…in motion site you will need a space that can be used to exercise in as well as one or more people that would be interested in being trained as a leader. There is no cost to becoming a Forever…in motion site. Our goal is simply to enable you to offer a safe physical activity program for your group. This can be in a church, seniors hall, apartment, condominium etc.

It will be up to your site how many days per week and what time you want to offer your Forever…in motion program. They typically vary from 30 to 60min, 1 to 5 days per week. Usually Forever…in motion groups include a cardiovascular, muscular strength, balance and flexibility component.

For more information please refer to our Forever…in motion brochure or contact us at 306-655-0829.

Saskatoon motion sites (including those open to the public)

Rural motion sites

How to become a Forever…in motion leader

Forever…in motion leaders are men and women from the community that have the desire to help older adults become physically active. Leaders can be of any age, and no previous experience is required.

We provide a 25-hour training session where you will learn about safe physical activities, basic muscle groups, chronic conditions, balance and fall prevention. A hands-on practical component is also key in this training. The fee for training is $35, which covers the cost of a manual, T-shirt, handouts and an instructional DVD.

Volunteer Recruitment poster

Upcoming Leader Training

For more information please contact us at 306-655-0829.

Benefits of becoming a Forever…in motion leader include:

  • Training is provided.
  • 2 leader meetings per year to meet other leaders and for learning development
  • Becoming a registered volunteer with the Saskatoon Health Region
  • Exercise!
  • Chance to be creative
  • Social opportunities
  • Chance to make a real difference in improving the health of your seniors
  • Participants always love their leader!

Staying On Your Feet

Falls represent a major threat to the health status and independence of older adults. The good news is that falls are predictable and preventable. Don’t let the fear of falling prevent you from being physically active because inactivity will actually increase your risk of falling.

- Saskatoon Regional Health Authority

Staying on Your Feet is a 5 or 12 week balance and education program.

Staying on Your Feet Brochure

Older Adult Physical Activity Resources