Saskatoon and Region

What is an in motion school?

An in motion school is one that values the benefits of physical activity and ensures that it is a visible priority in the day-to-day activities. As an in motion school, there is a commitment to work towards the goal of 30 minutes of physical activity every day for every student. This can be achieved through a combination of physical activity programs, classroom physical activity breaks, recess, intramurals and special events.

An in motion school strives to enhance physical activity in a planned, integrated and holistic way by considering the components of Comprehensive School Community Health (CSCH). 

  • Healthy Physical Environment
  • High Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Supportive Social Environment
  • Community Engagement and Partnerships

Saskatchewan children & youth spend about 6 hours per day at school. Daily physical activity during these hours promotes a way of life that values regular physical activity.

- Saskatchewan Ministry of Education